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My daughter has these very light patches that just appeared on her face. I've attempted to make her wear sun screen lotion, as the doctor told me it's sun damage, but nothing has happened.  I've given her a washout as my parents stated she has worms.  Again nothing happened.  Seeking opinions of others. Can anyone suggest a natural product this child can use to get rid of these light patches on her face? (Signed Luscious)  

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i'm not sure, but i use black soap on my face and it helps my complexion greatly. one thing i do hear people also say also works well is rhassoul clay? maybe one of these will work for her. also if it something bacterial or fungal, maybe you can try castor oil? just apply it to her face overnight. castor oil works great for me if I happen to get a ringworm. Hope this helps!

This is a very sensitive subject and  in no means, way, form or fashion am I being insensitive nor sarcastic, but your parents are on point,  from what you've described, your baby has ring worms ( a fungus). Thoroughly wash your baby's face/hair with Raw African Black Soap, after her face/hair has completely dried ( naturally, air dried ) apply a mix of  Neem Oil (2 ounce) &  Tea Tree Oil ( 20 drops)  and apply to the affected area, this is a sure fire remedy for any topical fungal infections.. Also wash all of her linens/clothes with extremely hot water and 1 cup of undiluted Ammonia.

Thank you for both your comments.  I truly appreciate it.  No offence taken. 

I'm ready to try everything and anything. 

I have recently purchased the raw african black soap and castor oil

I started my daughter on the african black soap yesterday. So I will follow up in a few weeks to talk about the results if any.  (I'll try and get the other oils you suggested Shelley)

I myself started using the african black soap on my face 2 days ago and i'm already addicted.
Ref'd it to my dad and seems he's addicted.  Love the way it makes my face look and feel.
So thanks for the tips...

no prob! keep me posted!!! :)

In additon to the responses you've received, make sure she's not having an allergic reaction to something she's consuming.  When I was a kid, I developed these weird dry patches on all over my face at one time. My doctor asked what I was eating and he determined it was either the fruit or chocolate. Doc told my mother to eliminate both from my diet and see what happens.  My face cleared up when both were taken from my diet and my mom slowly brought both back into my diet separately to determine which was causing my reaction. It was determined it was the chocolate.  Kids have odd reactions to the simpliest things.  I mean, we would breakout in a rash from simply eating oranges many times. The immune system is still developing as a kid. 

I know this discussion is old but I still want to respond. Please seek advise from a dermatologist. When I was in junior high school I developed something called pityriasis alba. Which is a hypopigmentary disorder. This may not be your case but please check with your dermatologist. Pityriasis alba caused light spots or the loss of melanin on my face and extremities. Other conditions can cause the same thing such as vitiligo.




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